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Expensive Zoom Chairside Whitening Kits?
With WhiteFree Chip your Zoom light becomes
Save over $100 on every bleaching procedure

 Only $339




Original Philips Zoom Light Guides that come with Zoom Whitening Kits are limited to 4 sessions 15 minutes each. After all 4 sessions are used, you see "Replace Guide" on your Zoom light display. How to extend and bypass this limitation?

How to make Philips Zoom Whitening Machine unlimited?

WhiteFree Unlimited Light Guide Extender unblocks your Zoom lamp so it will always show "4 of 4 sessions" and becomes UNLIMITED. No "Replace Guide" messages anymore.


WhiteFree Light Guide does not influence the lamp performance. The lamp is untampered and remains under manufacturer's warranty.

Watch a short video presentation of WhiteFree solution:


How to save with original Zoom Whitening Kits?


Price of Zoom Double Kit for 2 patients is about $300. This means that with original Zoom kits your expense for each patient is at least $150.

Most dentists know that one syringe of Zoom whitening gel is enough for 3-4 patients. With thinner gel layer light activation is easier, faster and more uniform.

So a Zoom Double Kit is quite enough for 6-8 patients but limited by Zoom Light Guides. So it is clear to see that with WhiteFree unlimited Light Guide the expense for one patient is about $50. As a bonus, original Zoom Light Guides from Zoom kits are easily sold in the market, so your savings could be even more.

You save up to $100 for each patient with original Zoom whitening kits.

How to save more with other quality whitening kits?

There is a plenty of whitening gels and kits in the market for home and in-office (chairside) teeth bleaching. With WhiteFree Unlimited Chip/Light Guide you have a freedom of choice for better results, savings and profit.

On of the most recommended chairside bleaching solutions are whitening gels and kits from Belle, made in Korea. While quite inexpensive, these kits give terrific bleaching results - up to 10 shades of VITA scale. Belle gels contain additives for decreasing sensitivity and pain - the most common complaints by patients about teeth bleaching.

As an example let's consider Belle PRO 25% whitening kit for 2 patients. The cost of this kit is $49.

With WhiteFree unlimited solution, your expense for each patient whitening is about $20-25.

You save up to $130 for each patient with Belle kits compared to original Philips Zoom kits.







1. WhiteFree unlimited Chip


You can install the unlimited chip into any used Zoom Light Guide by yourself - it is very easy. You will need a sharp instrument such as scalpel, screwdriver or such and one minute of your time.



Only $339

Free shipping Worldwide. See details

2. WhiteFree Unlimited Light Guide + Belle PRO 25% Whitening Kit for 2 patients

In case you are unsure that you can install WhiteFree Unlimited Chip by yourself, here is a complete unlimited solution - a Light Guide with WhiteFree Unlimited Chip pre-installed.

Only $349



Belle PRO 25% Whitening Kit for 2 patients (value of $49) **$10** with purchase of WhiteFree Unlimited Light Guide

Only $359

Free shipping Worldwide. See details



about WhiteFree


Absolutely not! Your Zoom teeth whitening machine remains untampered and under warranty. You just attach WhiteFree Light Guide instead of original Light Guide. Your Zoom lamp can still work with original light guides.



You save up to $100 on each Zoom teeth whitening procedure with original Zoom Kits and up to $130 with other quality whitening kits. No need to purchase expensive original Zoom in-chair kits anymore. Learn more...



WhiteFree Chip is energy-saving solution. It consumes 3 times less power from the lamp than other unlimited chips and even 1.8 times less than original Zoom chip. WhiteFree chip eliminates the risk of damage to lamp electronics.



WhiteFree unlimited light guide chip is compatible with Zoom-3 Advanced Power and Zoom-4 White Speed teeth whitening lamps.


Your WhiteFree Light Guide chip has LIMITED LIFETIME warranty that covers all materials and workmanship. You also have 30 days of cash back guarantee for any reason (not satisfied, changed your mind, etc).



The WhiteFree chip is installed into standard Zoom light guide instead of standard chip. We have detailed instructions how to do it. We also can supply Light Guide with WhiteFree chip pre-installed. Please see here.


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of WhiteFree

The idea of an unlimited solution for ZOOM teeth whitening lamps has been flying around since these devices were announced in 2010. The ZOOM teeth whitening lights have been progressing since announcement of original ZOOM-2, though ZOOM-3 Advanced Power and to modern ZOOM WhiteSpeed (ZOOM-4 LED light). However artificial limitation of number of bleaching sessions has always been pumping a question "why?" among dentists and companies offering ZOOM whitening lamps for sale.

What is worse - the original ZOOM Light Guide has a design flaw that leads to spurious "write-off" of encoded 4 bleaching sessions. E.g. a casual pressing of "stop" button or turning the lamp off during a bleaching session leads to decreasing of the number of sessions available. As a result - the patient can not receive the full bleaching service, and a clinic looses money.

How to do a ZOOM Light Guide bypass? IT-engineers of our clinic explored the protocol of data exchange between ZOOM lamp and ZOOM Light Guide chip, and after a number of tests they succeeded. The goal was to totally emulate the original chip and create the Light Guide chip with electronic components laid out exactly as in original Light Guide, without having to modify it in any way. Our WhiteFree chip always gives "4 of 4 sessions available" to the lamp, so you have infinite number of bleaching sessions free.

This solution we presented in 2016 as "WhiteFree" - the unlimited chip that turns any ZOOM lamp into UNLIMITED teeth whitening instrument for dentists. Now with unlimited WhiteFree Light Guide Chip you have a freedom to use original gel that comes with chairside ZOOM whitening kits or any other quality gel at your choice saving significant amount of money on every teeth bleaching procedure. Your ZOOM lamp remains untouched and is still under official warranty.

Now you have an unlimited ZOOM whitening machine for a fraction of price of modern ZOOM whitespeed LED lamp price.

Th installation of WhiteFree chip is very simple. We have a complete ZOOM whitening lamp instructions for dentists how to install the chip within 1 minute. No training needed.


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