Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Gluten Free Pizza Loaded With Veggies

Here's a tasty and healthy gluten free pizza idea. I recently bought two pizza crusts: one already made and a mix to make myself. I was short on time and decided to try the premade pizza crust by Schar (Gluten Free Pizza Crust). I put a layer of parchment paper down and placed the two crusts on top. 

shar gluten free pizza crust

Instead of using pizza sauce I used some of my leftover pesto (you can buy pesto premade or just use sauce) and spread about 1 tablespoon on both crusts.

gluten free pesto pizza crust

Next,  I added diced tomatoes. I was making these pizzas for 3 people so on the left crust you can tell they are tomato fans LOL.

Next I added peppers and onions to both crusts. I'm basically layering whatever veggies I have on hand. You can put whatever you want on this to keep it interesting and super healthy. Plus its a good way to make a quick dinner and use up your veggies leftover from the week.

Next, I added chopped spinach and Boar's Head Pepperoni. This is a close up of the pizza on the left.

gluten free pizza with spinach, peppers and onions

This is the pizza on the right spinach before I added pepperoni. Doesn't that just look yummy?!

Last thing to add is the cheese. The pizza on the left has only a little parmesan cheese with the other half mozzeralla cheese. Pizzas are easy to make for picky eaters since you can customize each side. The pizza on the right has both mozzeralla cheese and parmesan cheese. Bake the pizzas at 425 degrees for 10 minutes.

The finished product. Delicious, healthy and best of all gluten free!

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  1. Good stuff! I would absolutely eat this but I wish I knew more about the total nutritional profile (especially net carbs -- I'm not obsessing, just really insulin-resistant) - any idea?


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